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Open Sesame Kids - Client Success Story

We began working with Dr.Grady and the team at Open Sesame earlier this year. Initial conversations went really well as we learnt about the goals and plans for the business for 2024 and beyond. After a detailed audit of their website we found there was major technical issues present and lack of optimisations. Compartively there was very little SEO optimisations completed on the site on-page and also off-page.


1st phase : We determined that a complete overhaul of the website and onlinr presence was needed in order to compete in the area. From auditing other companies within the area it was noted they had large amounts of services covered on their pages all internally linked, and due to the competitiveness of the market well-optimised content and supporting pages

Old Website - Major Issues ❌

New Website - Fully Optimized ✅

Phase 2: We were really delighted with the outcome of this website, lots of custom features were included, such as jump-links, dynamic buttons (leading to phone, whatsapp messaging, also the custom booking portal). A lot of work was done on the mobile side, as that is where the majority of customers will be using in terms of device, so User Experience, website speed, and conversion optimisation (prompting customers to take immediate action) were key focus areas.

Phase 3: The client has recently started an advertising campaign with the team here at Sink or Swim Marketing, targeting a 25 mile radius around the business location. Overall goal and measuring success for the campaign will be increasing the amount of first-visit appointment bookings. 

Increasing the rate and frequency of first-visit appointments has a high chance of turning first-time clients into lifelong customers, as often parents will stick with a dentist that their child becomes familiar with. 


Forward looking plans, suggestions, and good practices for this website to improve it’s presence online and increase its visibility /customer base would include building articles every month related to low competition keywords and starting to build it’s foundational links and citations, so that search engines will pick-up on these updates and trust signals and reward it with increased rankings. 

We will be closely monitoring the ranking progress of high buyer intent keywords throughout this journey to measure what is bringing the most success and make smart decisions on what will actually move the needle for our client.


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