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Clare Dog Training - Client Success Story

Our team began working with Philip in Clare Dog Trainers back in April 2024. Our initial discovery call uncovered the issue that there was some problems with bringing in consistent clients every month and wanted to explore the route of an advertising campaign. We recommended a 3-phase approach to laying the proper foundations for an advertising campaign. 

Phase 1: Consisted of improving site speed, site layout and increasing the trust signals and content on the site, to better showcase the quality of his services and instill that trust into prospective customers. Additionally the site was re-formatted moving text, blocks and design layouts for better SEO Practices. 

Phase 2: Once the foundation of the site was built and we were happy with the amount of content, quality, and technical SEO optimisations, we could then feel comfortable with the investment into a Google advertising campaign. 

Initially we targeted within the locality/county area, and then slowly increasing the budget and size of the campaign to target surrounding counties. There was a great deal of work involved with tweaking the ads, and the landing page to improve the quality score of our ads (where we are ranked 7/10 and above for most high buyer intent keywords)

Phase 3: This phase is all about scaling efficiently and making smart decisions with the budget, campaign optimisation is still ongoing, with plans to further increase the radius of targeting to more of a national campaign. Additionally, there have been discussions around building a shop to sell hand-made gifts and items related to pets.


In the screenshot below, you can see some metrics related to the efficiency of the ads at the campaign start and 2 months in, and most importantly, conversion data. Overall client is very happy with the results of the campaign so far and we are looking forward to building the partnership and the business to new heights of success.


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