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Heavens Graces E-Commerce Shop - Client Success Story

This was an exciting project for us, We connected with Clare a local business owner in Donegal who was at the early stages of setting up her own business and presence online. Our initial discovery call and onboarding session highlighted lots of opportunities to work together and help grow the business.


1st Phase: Due to the client being in the early stages of setting up her company, the first stage was building out her digital presence, and having a highly functional shop-front online where she could direct customers to buy through, this would save her a huge amount of time, labour and money as alot of her business was dealing face-to-face with customer at various events and religious meetings, and sales operations could be streamlined much more efficiently.

New Website Design + Full WooCommerce Function

Mobile Screenshots & Optimizations

The website was fully created from scratch with the requested design elements and guidance from our client. The website was fully built using WooCommerce, which is typically only a fraction of the cost of other popular shopfronts such as Shopify, and is typically what we recommend using, as it gives much more functionality and freedom to build themes, layouts, and colors to exact specifications.

Additionally, on the back-end, there is full stack integration with order processing, shipping, and stock management functionality so that the client can effectively manage stocks in/out and enable status updates on processing, shipping, and completing of orders.

An important note in the above screenshot is the performance of the “product specific pages”, something that we really focus on. It’s hugely important that not only the home-page has good performance metrics and speed, but each product page does not hinder any customers from their experience on the site or purchasing products. In e-commerce specifically, there should always be a strong emphasis on decreasing the friction of intended customer actions to facilitate better sales conversions, and reduce the bounce rate off the website.

Completing the project opens the door for our client to go down many different routes to grow and scale the online store. We have recommended a Facebook ad campaign within the next few months to test various different offers, improve the baseline of consistent sales, and focus on who the ideal customer and target audience are/demographics for the products.

Defining these data points can then be further refined and directly integrated via new products, content, or direct product messaging back into the website to speak directly to customers who are more likely to convert.


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