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Welcome to Sink or Swim Marketing, where cutting-edge web design meets professional tailored digital marketing services. Based in Ireland our team of experienced web designers and developers specialize in creating beautiful sites that not only look stunning, but perform outstandingly as well. From eCommerce website design to custom website development - our comprehensive solutions can help your online business flourish and make waves online!


Each case study below highlights specific challenges faced by each client as well as solutions we created specifically to address those needs. From increasing user engagement, conversion rate optimisation, blazing fast speed, or driving e-commerce sales, these examples showcase both our capabilities as well as how trusting clients have become when working with us to achieve exceptional results. Come explore how we've helped businesses achieve digital success!

Heavens Graces E-Commerce Shop

Heavens Graces E-Commerce Shop – Client Success Story This was an exciting project for us, We connected with Clare a local business owner in Donegal who was at the early stages of setting up her own business and presence online. …

Open Sesame Kids Dentist

Open Sesame Kids – Client Success Story We began working with Dr.Grady and the team at Open Sesame earlier this year. Initial conversations went really well as we learnt about the goals and plans for the business for 2024 and …

Clare Dog Training

Clare Dog Training – Client Success Story Our team began working with Philip in Clare Dog Trainers back in April 2024. Our initial discovery call uncovered the issue that there was some problems with bringing in consistent clients every month …

Why Should You Choose Us for Ireland Website Design?

We pride ourselves on our expertise in the Irish digital landscape and consistently provide excellent advice to help our customers succeed online. We have helped hundreds of business owners succeed online and build them a stunning website.

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Large Portfolio of Stunning Websites Built

We tailor every project to a client's needs and build a strategic foundation for the project from the very start, so as you grow, your website can grow with you. Whether you need a simple blog website or a complex multi-tiered online store, we have you covered.

Enterprise Ireland Online Voucher Scheme:

At Sink or Swim Marketing, we assist small businesses through the Trading Online Voucher process efficiently, offering them a straightforward way that enables them to get online and expand their businesses with government grant backing. Did you know you can avail of a grant of up to 2,500 euros for a custom website, Our team can help guide you through the process.

“With increasing demands for mobile accessibility, we ensure every web project we undertake is mobile responsive for a perfect viewing experience across devices.”

Get A FREE Website Audit Sent To Your Inbox!

Fill in your details, and one of our team members will send you a free website audit. Get a detailed report on what's going wrong with your website, which other web design companies don't want you to know!

Brands Who Trust Us

Check out some of the brands who trust us as their professional Web Design Company.

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How The Web Design Process Works

We like straightforward, easy-to-understand processes, and we believe that our clients should know exactly how our web site project management works, so that they know exactly what to expect from partnering with us.

1. Initial Contact:

Clients initiate contact by providing us with a brief outline of their project needs via email, phone call, or completing our website's form submission process and leaving their contact details.

2. Consultation Meeting:

We schedule a consultation call or meeting to better understand our client's vision, objectives, and specific requirements for their website project.

3. Proposal & Quotation:

Based on our consultation process, we offer a detailed proposal that details scope of work, project timeline, and any required quotation.

4. Agreement and Onboarding:

After our proposal is accepted by our client, we send them a contract for signing and collect any outstanding payment. They then officially join the project using our project management tool that allows them to track its progress.

5. Information Collection:

We collect all necessary details from the client, such as brand guidelines, content creation requirements and any specific features they'd like for their site.

6. Design Phase:

Design Phase: Our team begins the design process by creating wireframes and mockups for review by clients, then iteratively revising according to client feedback.

7. Development Phase:

Our experts then build out its structure, functionalities, and content. Once this phase has concluded, review and revisions begin on a staging version of the site for review by clients; as requested, revisions occur for any significant improvements

8. Launch:

Once final approval has been given, we begin the website launch preparations, including hosting setup and domain configuration, SEO best practices implementation and go live on its agreed launch date.

Other Services We Provide

We work with both local Irish and International clients, check out our range of comprehensive services below.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our local Ireland SEO agency team will optimise your website to rank higher for high value keywords so more customers will flow into your sales pipeline.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy which creates relevant articles, blog-posts localised to a particular area to attract more relevant traffic specifically a business' target audience.

Paid Advertising

Any reputable online marketing company will know the power of paid advertising channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to leverage paying to get a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Lead Generation

Struggling to make an impact online and want customers to come in as quickly as possible? This service might be perfect for you, we can internalise all the Ad spend, Site SEO and Admin costs and bundle it together charging a single price per customer lead.

Beyond Website Design, We Can Help Grow Your Business!

Beyond web design, our strategic marketing services aim to boost website traffic levels and optimise search engine optimisation (SEO). From content writing designed to engage target audiences to eCommerce product advertising that drives sales, our services can help your business achieve online success.

Discover the Power of Custom Website Design

Our portfolio of web projects speaks volumes about our dedication and innovation. Through our tailored approach to customised web development and design, we've collaborated with a variety of clients to develop a deep understanding of what will help transform their digital presences and focus their attention on how to succeed.

Discovery and Strategy:

Our design process begins by understanding your business, goals, and target audience in order to craft an optimal website design that not only looks visually appealing but is in alignment with your company's goals as well.

Design and Development:

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and design trends, our team crafts tailored, functional website designs that reflect your brand and engage visitors. From Shopify websites to unique custom Ireland website design ideas - our team can deliver the latest retail excellence website design or one that will put your business forward for the Irish Enterprise Awards.

Launch and Grow:

Post-launch, we continue to support your business growth with digital strategy advice, SEO services, and technical solutions to increase conversion rates and drive traffic to your new site.

choosing colour for a website design in ireland

eCommerce Website - Build An Online Store in Ireland

Professional e-Commerce Store Fully Built For You

In today's digital age, having an intuitive eCommerce website is key to its success. At Sink or Swim Marketing's e-Commerce web design services, we customize each solution specifically to the unique requirements of your online store to create an ideal user experience for customers shopping your store online, whether you need a custom WooCommerce website with hundreds of product pages or a straightforward Shopify website that will get your product online fast and increase sales.

Are You Looking to Transform Your Website?

At Sink or Swim Marketing, our focus lies on designing engaging stories that address the needs of today's digital consumer. With quality, innovation, and speed as our core values, our web design team in Ireland produces outstanding results. Get in touch today to start your project and experience first-hand the dramatic benefits that professional web design can have for your business!

SEO Pricing Plans

Straightforward Pricing Plans

Hiring an SEO company does not have to be difficult. Check out our transparent, no-hidden-cost pricing plans below to suit any businesses SEO budget

bronze offer

Bronze SEO Agency Package

Per Month

€500 - €1000

Target Audience:

Perfect for new or small-sized companies looking to get their name out there online, increase traffic on their website, and improve search engines visibility. Websites that have 15 pages total or less.

What's Included:

  • Basic SEO Audit and Analysis of Competitors
  • Technical SEO Analysis, Including Website Speed Improvement and Mobile SEO
  • Optimisation of Individual Website Pages (10x Pages)
  • Fundamental Target Keyword Analysis and Service Page SEO Optimisation
  • Simple Blogging & Content Creation (3x 1000-2000 word articles per month)
  • Basic Link-Building Campaign (2x Guest Posts, Manual Outreach)
  • Local Citations Built Every Month With Your Business Details (10x per month)
  • Detailed Report on Monthly Performance
  • Email Support Monday-Friday 09:00am-5:30pm
  • *No Hidden Setup Costs or Fees

*Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads at an additional cost.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 183718

Silver SEO Agency Package

Per Month

€1000 - €2000

Target Audience:

A great choice for medium-sized companies with an already established business and website, looking to beat other businesses in a competitive area or expand to new locations or target new business services.

What's Included:

  • Detailed SEO Audit and Analysis of Competitors
    Most Popular!
  • Technical SEO Analysis, Including Website Speed Improvement and Mobile SEO
  • Optimisation of Individual Website Pages (25x Pages)
  • Advanced Target Keyword Analysis and Service Page SEO Optimisation
  • Growth Blogging & Content Creation (6x 1000-2000 word articles per month)
  • Growth Link-Building Campaign (5x Guest Posts, Manual Outreach)
  • Local Citations Built Every Month With Your Business Details (20x per Month)
  • Detailed Report on Monthly Performance
  • Email Support Monday-Friday 09:00am-5:30pm
  • *No Hidden Setup Costs or Fees


  • Social Media Posting (2x Posts per Week on Facebook & Instagram)
  • Local SEO Services Optimisation (Setup and Optimisation of Google My Business)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly SEO Strategy & Oppurtunity Calls

*Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads at an additional cost.

gold offer

Gold SEO Agency Package

Per Month

€2000 - €3500

Target Audience:

Dominate the market with our Gold SEO Agency package, suitable for large companies /websites serving a wider market or those operating in highly competitive service markets.

What's Included:

  • Detailed SEO Audit and Analysis of Competitors
    Skyrocket Your Growth!
  • Technical SEO Analysis, Including Website Speed Improvement and Mobile SEO
  • Optimisation of Individual Website Pages (More than 25x Pages!)
  • Advanced Target Keyword Analysis and Service Page SEO Optimisation
  • Growth Blogging & Content Creation (12x 1000-2000 word articles per month)
  • Growth Link-Building Campaign (10x Guest Posts, Manual Outreach)
  • Local Citations Built Every Month With Your Business Details (30x per Month)
  • Detailed Report on Monthly Performance
  • Email Support Monday-Friday 09:00am-5:30pm
  • *No Hidden Setup Costs or Fees


  • Social Media Posting (5x Posts per Week on Facebook & Instagram)
  • Local SEO Services Optimisation (Setup and Optimisation of Google My Business)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly SEO Strategy & Oppurtunity Calls
  • Exclusive Access To Your Own Personal CRM Dashboard Through Our App. To Fully Manage Customer Prospecting, Acquisition and Follow Up of Leads. Including 10x AI Powered Pre-built Automations to Nurture New Customers Through Your Sales Pipeline
  • Integration Of Our Smart Responsive Chatbot on Your Website to Increase Conversions
  • Access To Our Moneyback Referral Program, Only Available For This Plan (€500 OFF Your Next Monthly SEO Bill For Every New Business You Refer To Us That Signs Up, No Limits, T&C's Apply)

*Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads at an additional cost.

Hire a Professional Agency To Build Your Business Online

Boost your business' online presence with our website creation services. Our team of dedicated staff is committed to building a highly engaging website for you, increasing website traffic levels, and making sure that your business makes waves online.

Seamless Web Development Services

Build your digital foundation with us! Our web development expertise spans from designing stunning websites to building robust ecommerce platforms. With dedicated servers and hosting solutions tailored for your online business needs, your digital business will have all it needs to thrive in Ireland's competitive digital marketplace.

Tailor Made Solutions for Your Company

From initial design through launch and beyond, we provide honest feedback and technical assistance so that your website performs optimally.

Expert Advice When Needed

Our team is committed to offering not just building out a new website but also the support and advice you require to navigate the digital sphere successfully.

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Are You Ready To Begin Your Online Success Story?

Reach out now for a FREE Consultation. Don't let an opportunity to improve your online business slip away. Work with Sink or Swim Marketing today to take control of your digital success and see how we can assist in reaching your online goals with a beautiful designed new website.

Unleash Your Online Potential With Expert Website Design Services

At Sink or Swim Marketing, our passion lies in creating beautiful, easy to navigate websites that not only capture your audience's attention, but drive business growth as well. Specializing in large eCommerce web design or building out small businesses presence, we can transform any site into a digital success story.

Web Design Dublin

Web Design Galway

Check out our Web Design in Galway services here.

Web Design Cork

Check out our Website Design Cork services here.

Web Design Kildare

Check out our Website Desigers in Kildare services here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional web designers carry out both graphic design and computer programming related skills & functions. Once a business site is created, designers help maintain it by prioritizing features a customer wants while also working alongside development teams or IT managers to keep updates fresh or add features that add functionality or changes as needed – often by themselves or working directly with other team members . Additionally, website design professionals can create content specifically adapted to the intended targeted audience and enhance the overall User Experience for site visitors.

The costs associated with hiring a web design agency in Ireland can depend heavily on its complexity, the designer’s experience, and your website’s needs.

Freelancers typically charge EUR 30–100 an hour, while agencies or a web design company may provide packages ranging from several hundred euros up to several thousand. Additional features, functions, and custom plugins like malware detectors, firewalls, Ireland Google reviews widgets, or user login and checkout functions may cost significantly more.

Web designers require both graphic design skills and technical computer abilities that enable them to produce specific web page designs.

In addition to knowledge in graphic design and computer programming, a successful designer must also understand user experience design by crafting websites that are user-friendly and accessible for their visitors.

Knowledge of wireframes, graphic design, and technical web development is essential to being successful in the web design industry, whether you are a large design agency or in a small team.

These days, you can build a site with very little. We like to attribute the phrase easy to learn, hard to master. Building a highly conversion rate optimized website or blog takes a lot of effort, and that’s not even considering optimising for search engines.

The team at Sink or Swim Marketing is skilled in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages; adept in responsive and mobile-first design principles. We also utilise Figma for thematically designing the colours and structure of a website or Webflow for customers who are looking for a purely HTML-style website.

Generally, all of our websites are design developed, and built on WordPress as that is the most common website development platform and easiest for our customers to build an online business on.

The cost of designing a website in Ireland will depend on various factors, including the complexity of the design and the features required, whether you use a freelance designer or a web design agency, and so forth.

Simple website designs may start as low as a few hundred euros, while more complex designs that include multiple features can cost several thousand.

Therefore, it’s wise to obtain quotes from multiple designers or agencies in order to understand potential costs for your specific needs.

Finding the ideal person to build a website is essential to designing a site that fulfils all your expectations and requirements. Here are some guidelines for choosing one in Ireland.

To do this: Review their portfolio to ensure their style and quality meet with what you expect of them;

Experience: Look for designers with experience designing for the industry or type of website you require.

Communication: When hiring designers, look for those that communicate clearly and promptly so your vision can be understood and implemented successfully.

Testimonials or references from past clients will give an idea of their reliability and satisfaction with past services provided.

Price: When making your selection, be sure to negotiate transparent and affordable pricing arrangements; remembering, however, that quality can often come at a cost.

Aftercare: Evaluate their willingness to offer ongoing maintenance and updates after your website goes live. Keeping it secure and up-to-date is essential to its continued success.

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